Dog Waste Bag Station

Solar Powered Led Light

Our Story

Meet the inventors


Steve, Nancy and Vinit happened to meet at a social gathering several years ago and soon there after, they were collaborating on designing the CADILON


Steve and Nancy


Our founder Steve and his wife Nancy,  proud parents  to three wonderful rescued dogs, spent way too much time looking for doggie bags all over the house.  One day after Steve went in and out of the house looking for those darn bags, he thought to himself, "There has to be a better way I can store the bags in one spot and preferably in the backyard where I need them most."


After doing some research online to see what dog waste bag stations were currently in the market, he found they did not meet all of his needs.  Steve wanted a dispenser that would allow him to keep his bags nicely organized and placed in the backyard.  Nancy wanted a design that blended nicely with their manicured backyard and also offer some sort of solar lights component.   Since none of the existing products met all of their needs, they embarked on the mission to design one themselves 


 "A lot of time was spent coming up with the design to meet and exceed our expectation. We know you will enjoy it as as we do!


Co-Founder Vinit had a similar need. As a weekend warrior, he indulges in gardening and loves to barbeque.  He would always look for a bag to gather his backyard produce, cleanup after parties, or clean the grill after barbeques. Cleaning up the grill at night also meant looking for a flashlight.

“The CADILON, with its dual solar light and bag dispensing functionality, is a novel, unique, simple, practical, and useful device for outdoor use. 

I love the fact that in addition to its utility in my yard, I can take the CADILON if I go camping or fishing.

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If you have any questions, please email us at or contact us at: 844-CADILON(223-4566) EXT 802